Motiva Ergonomix

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The first and only ergonomic implant

Ergonomix - an implant that mimics the dynamic of natural breast tissue. Ergonomix comes in standard (round) bases to suit a variety of thorax shapes. It better suits woman with longer or wider chest profiles.

GEL: ProgressiveGel Ultima

  • Elastic & soft gel
  • SilkSurface - Advanced smooth surface
  • Q-inside Safety Technology for unique information traceability
  • Adapts to the natural breast Shape
  • The most natural look & feel
  • Natural Profile

  • SilkSurfaceTM: non abrasive controlled nanosurface
  • progressiveeGel plus and progressive gel ultima for optimum silicone gel performance
  • Ergoomix: the llok and feel of a natural breast
  • True mobioc: full geometric design to significantly reduce rippling and wrinkling.
  • BluSeal
  • Q inside safety thecnology
  • TwinPack
  • 3D Simulation

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