Our Products

The search for beauty and perfection is never-ending. Fortunately, technological innovation continues to aid us in providing solutions designed to correct cosmetic flaws and reverse the effects of aging.

As one of the most trusted medical trading companies in Dubai, we have been providing the latest tools in aesthetics and dermatology technology and products in the UAE and nearby countries for several years now. And we will continue to do so to help you satisfy the needs of your clients and grow your business.

Our Areas of Specialization

We offer a variety of aesthetic and dermatology equipment and products that address several practice areas.

These include:


Our aesthetic and spa products and equipment are designed to improve the skin texture, enhance the beauty, and facilitate the relaxation of all users. All of our product offerings can be excellent additions to your beauty program.


Our products are known to be effective in combating the effects of aging, hyperpigmentation, and improving general skin health and condition.


We also offer a wide range of products used for medical cosmetic and aesthetic enhancement procedures. These include dermal fillers and breast implants.

General Aesthetic and Cosmetic

Whether you own a cosmetic clinic or spa, you will find our aesthetic and cosmetic equipment to be valuable, top-selling features. Our selection includes hair removal, slimming, and tattoo removal devices and tools.


Our selection of dental equipment, tools, and supplies can be used in various procedures for improving your client’s oral health and smile. Examples of these products are dental imaging equipment and treatment units.

Our variety of products makes us the leader in providing aesthetic and medical solutions in the GCC area.

Why Choose Us

Our wide selection of aesthetic and medical equipment and supplies ensures you can have your pick of the most in-demand, cutting-edge solutions that you can use in your facilities.

All our products come from trusted manufacturers, as well. This means you can be sure these are manufactured following strict industry standards and are safe for use.

But aside from being a renowned aesthetic equipment supplier, our after-sales services make us stand out from the competition. We provide training, maintenance, and marketing solutions that will help you grow your business or practice.

With our full range of products and services, we are in an excellent position to be your trusted and reliable business partner.

Let’s Be Partners

Once you decide to partner with us, we will work with you from start to end to ensure you and your team become experts in using the equipment and supplies you purchase. We will continue providing support and guidance even after our transaction is completed.

If you are interested in our equipment and supplies, get in touch with us by phone or email.

You can also complete our online Contact Us form and we will reach out to you shortly. Our team will be more than happy to discuss with you any product you are interested in and answer all your questions.