Medical Equipment & Supplies

We take pride in our role as a trusted medical equipment supplier in the UAE, KSA, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Singapore and many other countries. Our selection of medical products is highly recommended for use for different surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments. They are safe and effective in rejuvenating the skin, reducing imperfections, and other facial and body enhancement procedures. As the leading medical device supplier in the MENA region, the medical devices we supply are high-calibre machines from world-renowned manufacturers.

Injectables/Specialty Care



Breast optimization solutions from the creators of the 6th generation of implants.

  • Less than 1% complication rate*
  • SilkSurface advanced smooth surface
  • Smooth gel technology
  • BluSeal for safety
  • High elasticity for ease of insertions through smaller incisions


Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (hall strain)
Global toxin
Proven efficacy and safety
Cosmetic and therapeutic use
Temporary improvement of moderate to severe facial wrinkles
Temporary reduction of muscles uncontrolled activity