Ultrasun is an ultimate recharge and relaxation system. It is a high performance machine that maximizes the tanning experience.
Maximized tanning experience
Stimulates vitamin D3 production
Enhances bone structure
Boosts immune system
Relieves pain

Features and options:

  • IQ touch control
  • Breeze and aroma
  • Wellness sound
  • Voice guide
  • Vibraplate
  • Music pro
  • Rainbow manager

Recharge Yourself

  • UltraSun 19 (64 LAMPS)
  • UltraSun 18(48 LAMPS)
  • UltraSun E7(48 LAMPS)
  • UltraSun E6(42 LAMPS)
  • UltraSun E5(30LAMPS)