CREATING THE IDEAL SMILE in the best possible way.

In-Ovation® C

A highly esthetic selfligating bracket made from a special ceramic material with a rhodium processed clip for enhanced

esthetics. The natural color of In-Ovation® C makes the bracket a perfect fit for patients concerned about esthetics, while

delivering functionality.

Bracket Adhesives and Band Cements

A variety of adhesives and cements that are generally utilized intraorally to secure fixed orthodontic devices.

Bracket Adhesives:

Light-Cure: NeoBond | Chemical-Cure: OrthoLoc | Self-Cure: Solo-Tach

Band Cements:

Light-Cure: NeoBand & Ideal PLUS Adhesion Systems


Nickel Titanium  

• Sentalloy

• Neo Sentalloy / IG

• BiForce / IG

• BioForce PLUS / IG

• Copperloy

Beta Titanium

• Resolve

Beta Titanium

• Standard SS

• Multi-strand SS

Specialty Wires

• Lingual

• High Esthetic

• Coballoy

• Retranol

• Intranol

• Double Key Hole

• Resolve Retraction

• Brass Posted


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