Our Brands

Helping people look and feel better about themselves is a worthy cause. Since a lot of men and women derive their confidence from their physical appearance, sharing your knowledge and guiding them as they take their journey to self-improvement inside and out can be rewarding in various ways.

We at Medica Group can give you the assistance you need as you open or expand your aesthetic and dermatological center, skincare and cosmetic clinic, or spa. With our range of products that cover a variety of equipment, devices, and supplies, you will have everything you need to run a successful business or practice.

Our Partner Brands

Whether you are starting your business or practice or expanding it, deciding which types of equipment and products to include and add to your lineup can be quite challenging.

We have listed below our core categories of products that will be valuable investments and wonderful additions to your facilities and services:


Our aesthetic and skincare equipment and products work in various ways to give clients better-looking, glowing, and youthful skin. From non-surgical facial toning and rejuvenation solutions to body wraps and cleansers, toners, masks, serums, and moisturizers, our treatments are safe and proven effective.


Our catalog of non-surgical aesthetic and dermatological equipment includes laser body sculpting, fractional and RF therapy for skin rejuvenation, and non-invasive facelift. All products come from well-known and trusted manufacturers.


We also carry a range of medical supplies used for aesthetic and dermatological procedures. These include technology that combines non-invasive threads and methods to lift, sculpt, and revitalize the face and body and micro-needling and injectables for skin rejuvenation.


Our para-pharmaceutical aesthetic solutions come from the most trusted names in dermatology and cosmetics. Each treatment is a complete skincare regimen that targets and repairs different skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, dryness, brown, and age spots.

You can get more details about each of our partners and products by clicking on the brand icons.

Our Advantage

All our supplies come from well-known and established brands. As such, you can be sure all equipment and products are manufactured following industry standards and pass rigorous, relevant tests.

Our products, therefore, are of the best quality, effective, and safe for use. Moreover, we ensure we have the latest models and complete treatment solutions offered by our brand partners.

Since we work directly with the manufacturers, we guarantee that all our products are genuine. They also come with warranties; you can, therefore, rely on our various after-sales services that will help protect your investment and minimize downtime in your facilities.

Moreover, we provide a variety of services that allow you to get more from your investment. From training to marketing and maintenance and stock replenishment, we have you covered.

Our Promise

As a trusted name in aesthetic and medical supplies, we guarantee that all our products are genuine and purchased straight from our partner manufacturers. All equipment and devices are covered by warranties as well.

We also provide complete assistance to all our customers throughout the whole purchasing process. Our sales and customer service team are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable, ready to answer all your questions and concerns regarding our products.

Our additional services are also designed to help you succeed in providing the best aesthetic and medical treatments to your clients. We offer comprehensive training and refresher programs to ensure your team uses our solutions correctly and safely.

We provide the same assistance with the dermatological and skincare equipment you will use or resell to your clients. Additionally, you can rely on our marketing and maintenance services to ensure you get the most from your investment.

We are committed to seeing you succeed as you start and grow your business. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.