• Elias Chabtini

Noninvasive procedures have been on the rise, making up an ever-growing trend in the cosmetic procedures that take place in spas, beauty centers, and clinics. The editor-in-chief of Arabian Business chatted with Elias Chabtini, CEO of Medica and an expert in the field, in an exclusive interview on noninvasive cosmetic surgeries and its market, in relation to the increasing numbers of spas and beauty centers in Dubai.


Elias Chabtini
About Elias Chabtini

Elias Chabtini founded Medica Group alongside his partners in 1999 with a vision and a focus on becoming leaders and pioneers in the medico-aesthetic industry in the GCC, MEA, and South East Asia. After he started his career by selling the first hair removal treatment laser in Lebanon for $250,000, he soon began to reimagine noninvasive cosmetic surgery. With his business acumen and a keen eye for successful trends, Medica Group shifted from being a regular distributor to being a consultant to partners and clients all over the world. As Elias says, “Looking good is not an option anymore, it’s a way of living,” he continues to offer the world his visionary innovations.