It’s easy to understand why both men and women make an effort to look their best at all times.

First, taking care of one’s appearance is intertwined with taking good care of one’s health and well-being. Eating well, getting sufficient rest, staying hydrated and maintaining a generally positive outlook in life not only makes you feel good, but helps you look great as well. You’re inspired to maintain this healthy lifestyle so you’ll always feel energized and look radiant.

Second, being mindful of your appearance and presenting yourself well to other people can open doors to opportunities for you. When people see that your clothes are wrinkle-free, your hair is neat, your nails are clean and your makeup is appropriate for the occasion, they will see that you respect and take care of yourself. You will then earn their respect, too.

Such an individual would be likely to go to the gym for regular workouts, and to hair and nail salons and spas for frequent styling and pampering. And quite likely, they would also be frequent visitors of aesthetic clinics where they can get treatments for other issues relating to maintaining their physical appearance, such as acne, signs of aging, and excess hair or weight.

For businesses offering beauty and medical aesthetic solutions, it helps to understand the different cosmetic issues faced by potential clients so that the right treatments (such as laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, or lifting and tightening) can be recommended, and each customer can look and feel great at all times, ready to face the world.

One good example here is hirsutism, which is a common condition experienced by many women across the globe.

Understanding hirsutism

It is natural for hair to grow on a woman’s face and body, but in some cases, the growth can become excessive, and there may be a difference in the texture and appearance of the hair.

Typically, a woman’s body and facial hair are light-colored and visibly fine. However, when a woman has hirsutism, the hair is dark-colored and coarse, and may grow in excessive amounts all over the body, including the arms, chest, back and face. This is caused by an excess of androgens, or male hormones, such as testosterone.

There are several possible ways to treat this condition.

A person may choose to shave or wax the affected areas or to apply a depilatory lotion to remove the hair. Bleach can also be used to lighten the color of the hair and make it less visible. Medication, such as birth control pills or anti-androgen medicine, can also be taken to reduce the production of androgens. But for better results that last longer, more people are choosing to undergo laser hair removal.

How does laser hair removal work?

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that makes use of a laser, or a concentrated beam of light, to remove the unwanted hair.

Human hair contains a pigment called melanin, which absorbs the light emitted by the laser. This light energy is then converted into heat that damages the skin’s hair follicles, which produce the hairs. This damage delays the growth of new hair in the targeted area.

While this hair removal procedure does delay the growth of new hair for significant periods of time, permanent hair removal is not the result. A person would need to undergo multiple hair removal treatments to maintain the appearance of smooth, hair-free skin.

According to a report by Acumen Research and Consulting, by 2026, the global market for laser hair removal is expected to hit USD 3.9 billion.

The emergence of technological innovations in laser hair removal, thanks to continuous research and development, is one contributing factor to the growth of the market and the increasing demand for laser hair removal devices.

Which laser hair removal technology should you invest in?

Keep in mind that there are different types of laser hair removal equipment, and each is designed to perform a specific function or to cater to a particular kind of client.

It’s important to understand these differences so you can select the right equipment to secure for your medical aesthetic clinic and provide the correct treatments for your clients.

According to the Dubai Health Authority, the various licensed laser hair removal products in the emirate of Dubai are:

1. Alexandrite Laser

The alexandrite laser is one of the most recognized and used types because it can work on large areas of the body for people with a light olive complexion.
Product example: Cutera Excel HR

2. Diode Laser

For clients with darker skin or thicker, coarser hair, the diode laser is suitable to use. It can also be used on large areas of the body, and because it has fast repetition rates, treatment can be completed faster.
Product example: Primelase and Elysion Pro

3. Long Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser

This type of laser is ideal for use on all skin types; that means it works well for light, dark and tanned skin alike. Like the diode laser, the long pulsed Nd:YAG laser can cover considerably large body areas, so the procedure can also be concluded quickly.

Note, however, that it is not as effective on thicker and darker hair as it is on light and fine hair; what’s more, patients treated with this kind of laser report that they experience more discomfort from it compared to other types.
Product example: Element TL , solalux

Pico and nano lasers: Enlighten and enlighten SR

Selecting the best equipment

Understanding how each type of laser hair removal device works is crucial in determining which machines to invest in for your medical aesthetic clinic.

Combine that knowledge with a close look at the type of clients that you receive in your clinic, and you will be able to identify the right laser hair removal equipment that can deliver the precise results that your customers expect.

Get in touch with our team at Medica Group today so we can help you find the best solutions that will make your clients look great and feel confident at all times.