With the rise in regional population, increase in preference for better aesthetic appearance, and growth in health expenditure, the MENA cosmetic skin care market growth has been witnessing an all-time high. Moreover, the UAE is among the leading markets for premium cosmetic skin care products with per capita spend above the total MENA average expenditure. Lots of people have been asking what drives the UAE to take over the market. At Medica Group, we are able to detect certain indicators emerging now more than ever that are pushing the market forward. So let’s have a closer look on these key trends that help the cosmetic skin care market in the MENA region flourish.

It all started with how all of us in the UAE, from consumers to business experts, are just more aware. When we became more aware of the aesthetic and cosmetic worlds, naturally, the demand for cosmetic skin products rose sharply. That leads us to the fist key trend that emerged in the region; the rise in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. At Medica Group, we are witnessing more and more women who want to change their appearances, from the shapes of their noses, to their eyelids, faces, and necks. This significant proportion of the population in the MENA region who is inclined to undergoing cosmetic procedures is creating a rise in awareness toward better personal aesthetic. Hence, the demand for cosmetic skin products at our spas and beauty centers is also increasing, particularly products for anti-aging, skin whitening, anti-acne, and sensitive skin.

The second key trend we are witnessing in the UAE is an increase in demand for premium products. This is mainly due to the increase of our individual disposable income that let the UAE’s purchasing power for premium cosmetic skin care products dominate the MENA market. Around 65% of women in the region use cosmetic and skin care products regularly, of which of course a significant portion is occupied by premium products.

These trends are merely just a scratch in the surface. Wait for my upcoming “Key Trends: Part 2” article.

Elias Chabtini
About Elias Chabtini

Elias Chabtini founded Medica Group alongside his partners in 1999 with a vision and a focus on becoming leaders and pioneers in the medico-aesthetic industry in the GCC, MEA, and South East Asia. After he started his career by selling the first hair removal treatment laser in Lebanon for $250,000, he soon began to reimagine noninvasive cosmetic surgery. With his business acumen and a keen eye for successful trends, Medica Group shifted from being a regular distributor to being a consultant to partners and clients all over the world. As Elias says, “Looking good is not an option anymore, it’s a way of living,” he continues to offer the world his visionary innovations.