Rogé Cavaillès

Rogé Cavaillès is a body hygiene expert that protects the delicate and sensitive skin of the whole family, always following a renowned formulation principle: the addition of suitable “superfatting” agents to help restore the hydrolipidic film, the skin’s natural protective barrier.

What can Rogé Cavaillès do for you?

  • Helps form the cutaneous barrier against external aggressions
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and supple by preventing moisture contained from the skin from evaporation
  • Combats microbial attacks by protecting the skin’s beneficial flora
Hard water, temperature changes, and the use of drying treatments and overly harsh personal care products can damage this film. Once it is damaged, it can no longer serve as a protective barrier; the skin loses moisture, becomes dry, and is no longer supple. Superfatting agents form a particular bond with the skin that prevents them from being rinsed off; these agents leave a protective layer on the skin that has the same properties as the natural hydrolipidic film.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Enriched with superfatting agents
  • Clinically tested under dermatological supervision to ensure product effectiveness and tolerance
  • Consumer-validated for their cosmetic approval
  • Subject to very stringent control standards (bacteriological and quality) during manufacturing

They can pose two risks to the skin.

  • Irritant reactions: These reactions may occur when the products contain harsh surfactants which damage the hydrolipidic film. This is why it is important to use suitable, well-formulated and preferably “superfatted” cleansers to prevent this type of irritation. In addition, one to two showers a day is ample.
  • Allergic reactions: like any product applied on the skin, cleansers can cause allergic reactions. It is therefore important when developing a new product to avoid using any ingredient that is known allergen, like certain fragrances, preservatives and colorants.

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