Purlés is a combination of the force of nature and the legacy of care & beauty from all over the world combined with the innovative biotechnological thought.

It is a complete wellness therapy providing the experience of extraordinary relaxation as well as rapid and visible effects. It allows transforming any treatment into a ceremony, making it a unique spiritual experience as if it was a voyage
to the land of beauty, purifying not only appearance but also moving senses. Purlés assures the conscience touching, mysterious, and manifold sensations.

Discover your individual beauty code!

Purlés products are created & manufactured at a French laboratory that meets the highest production standards. Their presence on the care & beauty market is contributed to by the many years’ scientific experience, exact quality control as well as independent dermatological tests. The system of thorough expertise together with innovative technologies are the trademark of Purlés laboratory guarantee that determines the high quality, efficiency, and the best performance of the created products. Our clients’ satisfaction and care for their safety are of superior importance to us.
Our offer is prepared for spas and beauty salons that search for complete solutions when it comes to care & beauty as well as service. Upgrading standards and fulfilling the expectations of even the most demanding clients are fundamental to our philosophy. The compilation of natural plant substances with advanced biochemical knowledge and multicultural tradition of achieving the care & beauty excellence makes Purlés the market’s precursor of innovative visions. The creation of this brand is a result of the will to turn the treatment into a ceremony which constitutes the future of professional spas and beauty salons.

Following the development of the international professional beauty & care as well as recognizing the spa & wellness trends, we regularly participate in international fair and beauty congresses to exchange our experience with the most renowned beauty laboratories in the world. The consistency in the active search for change allows us to incessantly adjust our offer of treatments to the still growing demands of our clients. The continuous development based upon our participation in international scientific seminars and expert meetings enables us to recognize the actual trends or even set them.