An exquisite class A range of treatments for doctors starting from Natural Fillers for face and body using Hyaluronic acid for the treatment of wrinkles, lips & facial contours and volume restoration & body contouring.


SRS introduces a new era of safe, effective and non-invasive transdermal therapy formulas indicated for the treatment of the face, hair, and body.
Complete range of ready mix cocktails
Range of individual advanced components
Post treatments skin care line
Rejuvenates skin and gives instant glow & youth


Clostridium botulinum toxin type A (hall strain)
Global toxin
Proven efficacy and safety
Cosmetic and therapeutic use
Temporary improvement of moderate to severe facial wrinkles
Temporary reduction of muscles uncontrolled activity

Restylane Skinboosters

The original treatment to improve skin quality
Improve skin elasticity
Reduce fine lines
Lessen skin imperfections, such as discrete depressed acne scars

Restylane Natural Elegance

Restoration of youthful appearance with Restylane - Restore.
An enhanced appearance with Restylane - Enhance.


The latest generation 3d scanner and simulation system from ax3 technologies. it is the alignment of customer needs with world-class design and the latest computing and 3d image capture technologies.


With more than 30 years of advanced breast implant manufacturing experience, building quality breast implants has always been a natural outcome for establishment labs’s founders and top executives.