Lucid QY Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser utilizing two wavelength both of 1064nm and 532nm with extremely short pulse during sustained period can be used in wide variety of applications with high efficiency as it is a highly effectual cure in pigment lesions on epidermis and dermis

What is Lucid QY used for?

Melasma Treatment
It is the light or dark brown hyper pigmentation that occurs in the exposed areas of the body, usually the face and hands. Excessive sunlight and UV rays are the major reason for it, however it can be easily reduced by Lucid QY.
Naevus of Ota
Discoloration on cheek, templet and eyelids occurring at birth or shortly after birth. It can be easily removed by Lucid QY.
Tattoo Removal
A tattoo is crafted by injecting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, similarly removing a tattoo requires laser treatment to the depth of dermal layer to remove it. Laser tattoo removal is a comfortable and painless technique without any blood loss. The laser breaks the ink particles into small particles which are then disposed by the body gradually.

About Lucid QY Machine

LUCID QY uses two wavelength of 1064nm and 532nm with very short pulse duration time, thus irradiated laser is absorbed in melanin pigment selectively without damaging surrounding tissues. 532nm wavelength removes the pigments on epidermis, while 1064nm wavelength treats lesions responding to the pigmentation located deep inside of dermis.

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  1. Strong Point
    • 532nm / 1064nm dual pulsed
    • Stable power supply system
    • Quasi-long mode
    • High pulse frequency
    • Auto-adjustable spot size
    • Advanced arm
    • Top-hat mode
  2. Indications
    • Pigmented lesions : freckles, melasma, ABNOM
    • Skin aging: saggy skin, large pores
    • Tattoo removal