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Driven by passion, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, Medica has built a full fledge Marketing and Creative team servicing its unique portfolio of premium brands and producing some of the strongest consumer franchises in history.
Medica’s business legacy and wide expertise set us the Leading Specialists in the Marketing Field to the benefits of our customers; building their communication, creating their campaign and directing their processes.
Medica Group is a market leader when it comes to creating valuable marketing in the beauty and healthcare business. With over 14 years of experience and a team of a Marketing Director, a Marketing Manager, Marketing Coordinators, Creative Graphic Designers, Digital Marketing Experts and Copy Writers, Medica Group is suited to create creative marketing every brand and every treatment we have in our portfolio.

360 marketing solution

We are offering you as a client a 360 degree marketing back up solution that will come free of charge when your are a Medica Group partner. We are experts in everything from ATL and BTL.

  • Social Media marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Exhibitions and workshops
  • Outdoor - and indoor marketing
  • PR
  • Television shows
  • In the clinics marketing
  • Tailor-made and creative marketing material


Medica Group doesn’t just see marketing as “good deals” and a “way to sell more”. Medica Group sees marketing as the perfect opportunity to help and educate not only our clients (clinics, doctors, dermatologists) but also the actual user of our products the patients.


Not only are we helping you as a business owner organizing the best in class marketing for your business. We are also as a company creating creative marketing campaigns targeting the user of the treatment, helping the patient to become educated and learn about our top of the line products and to be the first to know about our market leading technologies.


Medica Group are the first to get the latest which is the case through every area of the company, we want to be present where our clients are, that’s why we have buid a strong social media profile for Medica Group and our brands. That gives us the opportunity to be present, communicating, helping and educate the patient wherever they are and whenever they need our service and expertise.

Take a look at our already developed social platforms.
  • Medica Group Facebook profile
  • Medica Group Twitter
  • RestylaneME
  • And so on


This approach is called B2B2C, and it helps everyone to benefit the most from our top of class products and treatments in the beauty and healthcare business.
This means Medica Group have the perfect setup to be present, helping communicating and educating both the doctor and the patient.